☆ A new Space. A fresh start.

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Welcome to the new space for LilliBean Designs

I am Kirstin of LilliBean Designs + this is my place to share some art, my random thoughts, parts of my crazy life + most importantly to share my art, my processes and things that make my soul sigh.

So I am an artist. (And oh boy, it has taken me a long time to say that out loud!)

But I am also a wife to Mac + mama to three gorgeous girls; Jelly Bean, Baby Bug + Wee Beastie.

I am a huge dreamer + I have been dreaming of living a creative lifestyle for years.

LilliBean Designs is me. 
My art.

Named after my two eldest children, the name LilliBean is a constant reminder that they can be anything they want.

They can be unlimited. And if I can show them I am living an unlimited life, maybe they won’t spend 15 years figuring it out like I did!!

Anyway you can read more about me here.

I have been writing for about four years now over at Listening to the Squeak but now it is time to move on, move to a new platform, one that is more streamlined.

So I just wanted to say “HEY” and welcome to my new space. A fresh(ish) start!

Now to figure out how to use this new format!!


6 thoughts on “☆ A new Space. A fresh start.

  1. Helen wilson says:

    Congratulanions! Wishing you an amazing journey as you explore your creativity through new mediums …such a rich experience awaiting you. X


  2. nicsearth says:

    Congrats on starting a fresh blog. I’ll be interested to hear what you think of WordPress as opposed to blogger as you use it more and I’ll look forward to following your journey in a new format. X


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