☆ They’re like the Ring Girls at the boxing….only not {Friday Art}


They’re like those glamorous girls that walk around between rounds at the boxing with their big signs, skimpy outfits and high heels letting everyone know which round we are watching…. only they’re not.

These are a spin off from a Life Book lesson I did the other day, (I will share the original soon in another Life book 2015 Round up), and while I was painting I realised that these little girls would be super cute on my market stall or even on my website which I am in the middle of creating.


And they also gave me the opportunity to use my much neglected pro marker pens which I adore but since I started painting I haven’t used them as much.

Star Girl

I call them the ring girls in my head, even though they in no way resemble actual ring girls. These ones are a little too tall and their signs are a little too small for my website, but they are perfect ‘ring girls’ for my market stall.

purple n:letter

But until I paint some more I think my purple haired girl works in a pinch don’t you??

And you can see these two debut at their very first markets this weekend at the Parkes Primary School Market Day from 9am Saturday 12th September.

Have a great weekend.



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