☆ Classic Quotes + Rambling Thoughts

Rambling thoughts

I always say that my kids classic quotes are one of the biggest inspirations behind my paintings. This is one of those conversations a few years ago in the car…

Bean: ‘Mama, how do you catch a mermaid?’

Me: ‘I don’t know babe. How do you think you would catch a mermaid.’

Bean: ‘I am not sure… Maybe with something shiny like a ring.’

Me: ‘That sounds like a good way’

Bean: ‘Yeah maybe you would put the ring on a string and go fishing for a mermaid. Can we do that, can we go to the river and get a string and use my special ring?’

(I think the special ring was a cheap 50 cent thing from the junk shop)

Me: pulling car over and frantically searching for a pen and a piece of paper to scribble the whole conversation down on the back of a docket.

Bean: ‘Mama can we buy some strawberries, cause they are my favourite ever!’


Catching Mermaids [wm]

‘Catching Mermaids’ {sold}

Have a great day!


Star Girl nl


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