☆ You are Amazing – Remember that {Friday Art}


Today I feeling thankful. And I have many things to be thankful for, but today I am thankful for my Besties.

For a very long time in my early twenties, I wasn’t sure that I would ever have a circle of friends who had my back. I wasn’t sure that I would ever have a genuine friendship outside of Mac.  Sure I had acquaintances or work colleagues – but it wasn’t the same. And while you can be friends with your lover who do you vent to when they piss you off?

Living in that vacuum I didn’t realise what was missing, And it isn’t until now looking back at that time of my life that I realise how fortunate I am now. And how much I was missing.

I am lost without these gals. And we all need friends like these.

You need friends who randomly text to tell you ‘you’re amazing’.

You need someone who you can tell you your secret dreams to and they reply ‘YES! Go for it and how can I help’.

You need a friend who embraces you when you drop the mask you’ve been wearing for so long.

You need friends to have random and rambling conversations with over coffee or wine until 2 in the morning.

So this one is for my Besties.

So you! Yes you!  You are amazing…. Remember that!

“You are amazing” is $35 with free shipping world wide. Amazing is a mixed media painting (10x10cms approx) with a little heart charm and is ready to hang with a silver chain attached.


So what about you? Do you have a bestie who is amazing and needs to here it today? Why not share this painting with them now? Send them a quick text, or email them this post.

And today make sure you own your amazingness! You are you know – REMEMBER THAT!

Star Girl nl

14 thoughts on “☆ You are Amazing – Remember that {Friday Art}

  1. Linda K says:

    such a beautiful representation of friendship Kirstin! I am blessed to have my best friends since 1st grade, a few others others since high school etc. That means some for as long as 47 years!


  2. sproutingcreativewings says:

    oh so beautiful .they are gorgeous !ive known my bestie since 4h grade .we now live in different parts of Australia .but we keep in contact often.
    hugs xo


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