☆ Entering my first Art Competition {Studio Snippets}

Rambling thoughts

I am not sure why I haven’t entered my art in the towns Spring Show art competition before now.

I would always *forget* until after the dead line. I suspect this was how my little bitch would protect me, but I would genuinely forget about the closure date. It most probably has something to do with feeling good enough.

But this year having attended several markets, talking to my customers and having sold a few paintings I was ready to enter and feeling much braver.

And I entered in two mixed media paintings into the open section.

Exhibit - 1

As I wandered around the exhibition, awed by the talent that my little town has, I loved that my art held up against the other local artists. It didn’t look out of place hanging next to prize winning pieces. I feel like I’ve broken through another barrier I have around my art work and entering my art into local competitions.

I don’t want to sound like a corny advert, but I feel like I was the winner.

exhibit - 2

Surrounded by those beautiful paintings, my soul sighed with happiness – there were my paintings up on the wall for the entire community to see.

And I realised too that sometimes it takes me a while to do the things that everyone says I *should* do. I realise that I have to do it in my own time, and yeah sometimes I definitely need to push the line more that I do, but I was so happy entering my art. There was no angst surrounding it, no expectations and no feeling like crap afterward.

Just a girl who’s soul sighed and was happy to see her art surrounded by other amazing paintings.

Thanks for popping by!

Star Girl nl

6 thoughts on “☆ Entering my first Art Competition {Studio Snippets}

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    It’s interesting to me that you held off entering into that exhibition because you lacked self-confidence. I’ve experienced the corollary since emigrating: since I’m no longer exhibiting and showing my work, I’ve found I’ve lost self-confidence with my art. I’m very glad, therefore, that it’s been a positive and affirming experience for you.


      • Laura (PA Pict) says:

        Thank you for your kind words. I was the secretary of my local art group back home in Scotland and had built up a large network of artists from amateur through to professional. I think that’s what bolstered my confidence to exhibit and sell my art. Since I don’t have a network here, that’s why I’m contemplating attempting online selling but I still need to find time to learn about what self-employment involves here in the U.S. It’s on my To Do list though.


      • LilliBean Designs says:

        It is really hard when you move away from your support network! And especially when Scotland is so Arts oriented! We lived there for 10 years and moved to Australia about 5 years ago. It was such a struggle to leave our support network and restart here. But a wise woman told me it takes between three & five years to settle into a new country. And even though I was moving to my home country it took almost two before I stopped converting everything into pounds! xx

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