☆ You are Free to Fly {Friday Art}


A short and simple on today partly because it really doesn’t need a huge explanation, but mainly cause I have the Handmade Markets in Canberra on the weekend.

And like always I am having my *day before* freakout.

You know – “Where’s the blu tack”, “Why is my card reader in that box?”, “Where the freaking hell is my spare phone charger?”, “Crap! I need to print off another map cause I just spilt coffee over mine”.

I have three lists that are running, my kids haven’t packed their crap + god knows if Mac has himself sorted, because I haven’t!

So I am not dealing with any of that. I am ignoring all that chaos + sharing this cutie with you instead!!

And really she doesn’t need much more than that as an introduction!

free to fly [wm]

Free to Fly: A Hanging Inspirational.

And really when I have calmed the chaos in my head and surrounding me I too will be free to fly.

Hope you can too.

Have a great weekend + if you’re in the Canberra area make sure you pop into the Handmade markets and say Hey!

And if you know someone who just needs a gentle reminder to be free to fly, why not share it with them using the links.


Star Girl nl


11 thoughts on “☆ You are Free to Fly {Friday Art}

  1. susupetal says:

    *Day before* freak out sounds so familiar. The last rush and efforts to try to handle it all. Luckily, one can fly in thoughts on such days, like the beautiful painting of yours advises.

    Have a successful market day!


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