☆ I took a day to just breathe. {Studio Snippets}

Rambling thoughts

last week I took a day to just breathe.

Last weekend (as you are probably very aware!)  I was at Handmade Canberra a two day event where designers from all over Australia to share their work. (sorry by the way if your Facebook or Instagram feeds were flooded with my pictures!!)
I had worked so hard up in the lead up to the weekend. Every day had one hundred and thirty seven must do’s on my to do list.
I was up late, up even earlier, there wasn’t time to dive into that new book from my favorite author, socialize with friends or even tidy the house.

(Although lets be very honest this would never be one of my priorities!)
new cardsThe weekend was just fantastic as I wrote about last week. Sure there are a few mini stressful moments – like realizing that when you thought you were charging your card reader, phone + ipad the charger was actually turned off at the switch. But I met amazing people, had really creative conversations and was surrounded by like-minded people.
I am buzzing with ideas and content and new paintings and new products….
And Monday morning comes and I am a walking zombie. My house is like the apocalypse has hit + I am a cast member of the Walking Dead. I manage to drop Bug off at school and come home + just sit. I have Bean and Beastie buzz around me.
SitAnd I just sit.
There is a mountain of washing, everyone’s bags from the weekend has just exploded. The car needs to be unpacked and again there is another one hundred and thirty seven must do’s on my list and I just. can’t. be. bothered. With anything.
And this used to really bother me. I mean I should totally be ready to jump back into the game. Right?

But what I’ve realized is that completely ok to make time off a priority. It is totally okay to take a day off? And it is utterly important to take some time to JUST BREATHE. 
And I wonder if any of you are feeling the need to really breathe as well.
To take time out to just sit. To breathe deep. To have an afternoon nana nap. To have a cup of coffee on the balcony and watch the sun set. To take some time and not feeling guilty for it.
So today I’ll just be. Tomorrow’s soon enough to jump back in!

What about you? Why not share with us your favourite tips and tricks to relax and reenergise! I would love to hear your tips!

this article was first shared in the october Lillibean designs studio snippets news letter if you would like more of this in your inbox click {HERE} or on the *ring girl* below.


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2 thoughts on “☆ I took a day to just breathe. {Studio Snippets}

  1. jecolorfulheart says:

    My mama’s “rule” about being away from home is that it always takes double the days you were gone before life returns to normal routines. ..so be gentle worth yourself!


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