☆ Trust Life a Little Bit {Friday Art}


Trust Life a Little Bit – Maya Angelou

The full quote is this: “To those who have given up on love: I say, “Trust life a little bit.”

But when I first read the quote on (of course!) Pinterest the quote I saw was “Trust life a little bit.”trust life - teaser iiAnd it was that last part that I just had to make a Hanging inspiration for.

When I was painting the canvas I started thinking about the last year or so. Automatically if asked I would say that I totally trusted life, trusted to all work out. That all the ideas + the plans + the relationships + the dreams would work out. Sure there would be hard work, but I trusted everything to just be ok.

But life doesn’t always run smoothly does it? I mean this isn’t really headline news. Life can just suck with some real whammies which make you question everything. trust life - teaser iAnd that makes it really hard to trust everything can be ok.

During the process of this painting I made a startling realisation. I had gone from trusting + vulnerable to.. well to not. I kinda felt like I was a cheap battery rapidly running out of juice.

trust life [wm]
When I finished off the painting I knew that I needed to recharge my soul a bit. To stop going through the motions and basically sort my shit out. And I need to remember that while I don’t have all the answers just now I need to trust life again. Believe that it will all work out + now that everything will be okay.

What about you? 

Have a great weekend.


df78c-kirstinsigx  Star Girl nl

12 thoughts on “☆ Trust Life a Little Bit {Friday Art}

  1. Beth says:

    I know how that is sometimes. The way you express your feelings through your artwork is a blessing. I often need to re-charge and take another look at my life. Hang in there! Your artwork was so encouraging to me this morning–thank you, sweet lady!


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