☆ Dragonflies and Change

Rambling thoughtsDo you have a symbol that constantly pops up in your life? An animal, a word or a song, that pops up when you need it to?

Mine is the dragonfly. dragonfly - teaser i

From an early age my grandfather played a massive role in teaching me about life. He taught me that nothing was impossible with beach scavenger hunts, that fishing was fun (especially with $1 prizes for the first, the last, the biggest, the smallest + the one that got away!), that you could create masterpieces with your own hands, that you could always reach the top as long as you didn’t give up.
He taught me the value of a dollar and the value of spending a dollar + he introduced me to my love of travel + taught me to travel smart but fearlessly.
So I did. And when I left Australia we made an agreement. And I often wonder if he knew, but he told me if the worst was to happen I was not, absolutely NOT, to come home. He was adamant.
When the worst happened and he passed, I honoured our agreement and didn’t go home.
It was one of the hardest decisions of my life. dragonfly - teaser ii
On the day of his funeral, I was sitting staring at this incredible view of the highlands, (and not seeing it you know?), when this pair of dragonflies buzzed around me.
Darting in and out they kept me company for most of the day.
And to this day when ever I have deep emotional turmoil, am contemplating a new direction, or when I am facing a huge mountain of uncertainty or difficulty a dragonfly will pop up in my life or in my art.
Dragonfly [wm]

Dragonfly Sketch – ink on paper

On Saturday I was outside pulling weeds, my head full of crap, of uncertainty. I was unsure that my decision was the right one, second + third guessing myself. Two minutes later we had a dragonfly come visit + dart around for almost an hour.
And when I saw it I immediately settled. I am reassured that I am on the right path.
Do you have any reoccurring symbols or animal totems in your life that pop up when you need them the most? I would love it if you shared them in the comments section.

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