☆ She Believed she could So She Did

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This is the last of my current batch of original Hanging Inspirationals. And it dawned on my today as I wrote this that these inspirationals were totally painted for me.

Inprogress - i

Each and every one of them had a message that I desperately needed to hear this month.

And each time I have shared a hanging inspirational with you I have struggled to write about them. Sometimes a simple post has taken days of editing + deleting + rewriting before I’ve pressed the publish button.

Inprogress - ii

I couldn’t figure out why it was so difficult to write about these paintings.

And then today I figured it out.

I needed to hear each and every single one of their messages.

I needed to remember to be thankful for my friends + their unlimited support {You are amazing!}

I needed to know that I was free to fly after feeling constrained and hemmed in with work {You are free to fly}

I needed sink into who I am now at this very moment in this very space. {Be who you are not who you should be}

And I needed to remember that I used to be open and vulnerable and I used to trust life + it was time to do it again. {Trust life a little bit}

believed sh could [wm]

And I needed a strong reminder that my Little Bitch was out for a play with her demon pals, and even though they would whisper my doubts and fears I needed to believe I could.

Did any of this current Hanging Inspirational series resonate with you? Is there something else you needed to hear this month? I would love to hear what words inspire you! 

Have a great weekend!

Monthly Snippets from my Studio, Snazzy Downloads, Early Bird Specials + ITS FREE

Monthly Snippets from my Studio, Snazzy Downloads, Early Bird Specials + ITS FREE

12 thoughts on “☆ She Believed she could So She Did

    • LilliBean Designs says:

      Thank you Mary!! I have sent you an email – sorry it took me a while to email you I was a bridesmaid this weekend + it has taken me a while to recover 🙂 Let me know if the email doesn’t turn up in your inbox xx


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