☆ Searching for Inspiration {Friday Art}

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CanvasesI have the canvases prepped + ready to paint, but I am totally procrastinating.

And when I procrastinating there is usually a reason for it. So I ask myself is it because I am worried it won’t turn out? Or am I worried I will hate the painting? Am I placing too much importance on doing a series of paintings?

Usually in this scenario I will tell myself:  ‘just fucking do it, Wilson’

Only today none of this has worked!

Have you ever heard of the free writing exercise that Julia Cameron advises her student to do in the Artists Way? Where you write three pages of the first thing that pops into your head. I call it a total brain dump.

When ever I free write, it takes me a while to find what I call the zone of awesomeness. Where thoughts flow in and out of my head, where I have my best ideas or solve problems that have been stressing me.

But my first page consists of this:  “I have no idea what to write about. I have no idea what to write about….” A whole page. By page two I in the zone + am free writing my little heart out and by page three I could write all day.

today I dug out my trusty sketchbook.

And spent a whole afternoon just doodling in it. Letting the pencils flow over the page + with no expectations.  Nothing but enjoying the sweeping motion of my hand + the  scratching noise of graphite on paper. Sketch Collage i [wm]

Sketching is another form of free writing.

My first sketch is usually my standard girl, boy or unicorn, with no depth, no character, just a version of my page one of a free writing exercise. Like “I don’t know what to draw so I am drawing this”.

But the third page I am in my zone of awesome, the characters are deeper, they have a personality, and I have given them a story.
Sketch Collage ii [wm]

And who knows one of these my become my next painting (I am totally loving the giraffe on just now!)

I would love to hear how you get your creative juices flowing when the inspiration is thin and the procrastination sets in? Leave a quick comment below, or join the conversation {here}.


Monthly Snippets from my Studio, Snazzy Downloads, Early Bird Specials + ITS FREE

Monthly Snippets from my Studio, Snazzy Downloads, Early Bird Specials + ITS FREE

7 thoughts on “☆ Searching for Inspiration {Friday Art}

  1. happytiler says:

    I did the Artist way 20 years ago…put the letters in envelopes and opened them a year later…nothing had much had changed….so I knew I had to! I think that book should be a mandatory read in high school! It really is a brain dump and clears all the minutiae to make room for the creative energy to flow free!! Yes great idea about the doodling too!! I may just try that! I bet it kick starts loads of creative ideas!!

    Hugs Giggles


  2. Linda K says:

    wonderful sketches Kirstin. I have not read that book but when I need to clear my head I journal spill then usually cover it up. I also tend to quiet my mind by sitting with no outside noise interference-kind of meditating in a way. Somehow I think we all eventually learn what works for us personally.


  3. tracey fletcher king says:

    I use the same mantra when i am procrastinating lol… I tend to rely on the wave of post it notes which have ideas and thoughts to get me re booted when needed. I always have piles and piles of them from whenever a thought hits so it is a great way to flick through them and see what jumps out… mind you it drives the rest of the family mad as they are forever finding rogue post it notes !!


  4. Neesie23N says:

    I have that book… or I should rephrase that to I did have that book Kirstin, but I leant it to an artist friend and have still to get it back. Mind due she’s in Melbourne and I’ve returned to the UK, so I think I should purchase it again.
    I make notes in a notebook but sometimes resort to family and friends for requests. I’ve had my mojo completely disappear and it’s quite frightening but thankfully it returned.
    Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with the canvas. I can’t wait to see what appears ;D


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