☆ My Daughters remind me of a Roller Derby Team {LilliBean Designs Spotlight}

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having three girls is like having my very own roller derby team.

Like when I am standing at the front door on school day. “It’s time to go” I shout. All three of them with their oversized backpacks turn as a pack and race for the door.

I am laden with lunch boxes, drink bottles, fruit snacks and unable to jump out of the way of the approaching stampede and because I am if I move at all  I will trip over the pile of shoes that they have spread out trying to find the elusive matching sandal. It wasn’t in their box so they have emptied out all five shoe boxes all over the floor and found it not in the shoe boxes but under their bed.

All three of them push shove and force their way past me and continue to jostle each other as they race down the steps to reach the door handle first.

This happens every week. 

Or when they hip check each other while vying for their hair to be done first, the outfits that are totally cool and belong in derby crowds, and the hair pulling, cat screeching and eye gouging when one of them has a toy they shouldn’t.

But their is also the camaraderie between them. The sweet encouragement when one of the team is struggling, the high fives and booty slaps when one of them succeeds, or the utter indignation when one of them is sledged on the soccer field, and the hugs and I love you’s when they head off for the day.

‘The Sisters’ started of in it’s original inception as three bloodied and battered roller derby chicks – my sister in law had just joined a team and the movie ‘Whip It’ had been on the television.

But it evolved into a totally different painting. I love the sense of belonging that these sisters have with one another. Their togetherness.

THE SISTERS. In Store Now.

In Store Now.

My biggest wish is that my girls continue to be like their very own team. That they stand for each other, support each other + love each other. Hair pulling, elbow gouging, hip checking, door rushing and all.

And my sister assures me that her boys would be great derby team mates too they have the door rush down pat!

Do you have kids? Do you think they’re like a derby or for that matter any other team? Were you part of a family team yourself growing up? I would love to hear what similarities you can draw! Feel free to join the conversations below or over on Facebook. I can’t wait to read your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “☆ My Daughters remind me of a Roller Derby Team {LilliBean Designs Spotlight}

  1. Laura (PA Pict) says:

    I really enjoyed reading your description of family life with a mob of siblings and it’s great that it was inspiration for your artwork. I have four boys who are all the best of buddies for the most part and who operate as a team (or a gang when they team up against me) but they definitely have their hissy moments at each other. I absolutely love observing the relationship between my sons. It’s a very special bond that they have. It sounds like your daughters have the same thing.


  2. Efrosini Maryeli says:

    Sisters will never seize to amaze us. Especially when the oldest gets in pre-teen country. I love looking at my daughters. You see, I have only a brother, so their relationship is very precious to me. And to their little brother who sometimes feels left out and sometimes is utterly spoiled by the three women in the house. Your art is beautiful and inspirational, as always. Have a great week….


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