☆ Creativity is Messy…. {Friday Art}

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I don’t need an excuse to own my messiness.

Mac would totally be nodding his head and then he would add “and all three of your children own this too Kirst”

So  “Hey I’m Kirst and I am very, very messy.”

No empty desks here!

No empty desks here!

And I love those quotes that allow you to excuse your messiness – you know the ones ’empty desk equals an empty mind’

Those sayings that make you feel ok, even a little bit smug about the fact your desk has piles of paperwork on it, day old coffee cups + pencils scattered everywhere.

In the middle of a creative storm, when I am finishing of paintings, making jewellery, wrapping up sales, creating mixed media backgrounds and the making movements on the various craft projects I have on the go, sometimes my desk looks like my art supplies has vomited on it.

And after a storm has passed + when I have knocked an open pot of paint on the floor  or glitter over my entire desk or I can’t find the specific pen I need right now, I will get totally frustrated with the mess + tidy up.

But not too much. An empty desk kinda scares me! 

So I was cruising pinterest the other week when I found this quote.

Creativity is messy… and I am very creative.

I knew as soon as I saw it I had to make it this months inspiring words download!

Creativity is Messy [wm]

Creativity Is Messy + I am Very Creative.

Inspiring Words + Art

Earlier this year I started the Inspiring Words + Downloadable Art Project.

This project is really special to me because I can combine my love of painting and designing with my obsession with lettering and collecting quotes.

Since I can remember I have surrounded myself with inspirational quotes, encouraging sayings and reminders that I am a strong and determined woman, even if that day I am feeling anything but.

And now I am happy to share it with y’all as well. To download you own copy of ‘Creativity is Messy’ click {here}.

Do you have a favourite quote that inspires you when you are feeling unmotivated or low? I would love to hear your favourite! 


6 thoughts on “☆ Creativity is Messy…. {Friday Art}

  1. Laney says:

    Loved reading about your messy desk! I get very messy when I paint. And if I am using a big table the ENTIRE top of the table will end up covered with stuff and then I am looking under everything to try and find the scissors, or that marker I want, or whatever! So yes, then I cleanup, That’s a lovely quote. Thanks for sharing it!


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