☆ I am Calling 2015 Done + Dusted! {Maybe…}

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I am calling 2015 Done + Dusted!

Every November I am shocked to realize that:

a) it’s FREAKING November! +

b) that I don’t have any spare time until the next year!

Sure there are 8 weeks in theory. But if your calendar is anything like mine its already filled (and has been since September) with work functions, school presentations, Christmas parties, dance recitals, craft markets, family dinners + girly catch ups.

What I don’t see is one single moment where I might squeeze in a major project like landscaping the backyard, or resurfacing the balcony. All projects that I wanted to finish off before the end of this year.

And it used to irritate me that I was never able to tick everything off my “{insert year} to do list.” I would be irritated with the thought of ‘someday’.

But fate has stepped into my life one too many times for me to ignore it, and there have been times I have been totally upset when a major project didn’t go ahead, (like a planned extension to our house) only for me to realize that we were so lucky it didn’t! (Because we had a third child and the extension didn’t allow for that!)

So although I haven’t been able to cross off some of my big dreams for 2015 I know that they will go on the Big Dreams for 2016 + maybe 2016 will be the perfect time for those dreams to come true.

What about you? Were you able to cross off some big projects this year? Or have you rescheduled them for 2016? Hit Reply to join the conversation! I would love to hear you plans!  

27th – 30th November.


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Monthly Snippets from my Studio, Snazzy Downloads, Early Bird Specials + ITS FREE

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