☆ Contemplation: The Angel on a Swin

LilliBean Designs Spotlight [2014]

One week I spent a lot of time reflecting on my life. I had a newish baby, and two toddlers. I was stuck in mamahood and didn’t really know who I was anymore.

The studio was my sanctuary. Sanctuary from the piles of washing, the dusty shelves and the toys scattered everywhere.

And although I really need to sleep I escaped into my studio instead.

I had had a painting idea of a angel on a swing. I loved the idea of a creature with the ultimate freedom of wings, swinging on a swing – the way mere mortals can reach that freedom if only for a little while.

But as the week progressed, my angel was less about freedom, it was more about contemplation.

That week I had huge plans. I was going to start walking again, a sanity hour each afternoon which would help me loose baby weight + help me reconnect with my body.

I was going to do a couple of Life Book lessons and catch up reconnecting with my creative and fun self.

I was also going to visit family + friends to rejuvenate my soul with laughter and hugs.

I was totally going to kick ass.

And then life kicked mine.

It rained all week. All week. No chance for me to go for the long walks I had envisioned. The lifebook lessons I was going to do were one of the very few that needed specially ordered products which I didn’t have + then my kids were sick – fevers, snotty noses, teething babies, cranky kids which meant visiting friends and family was off the agenda.

And so this painting was my saving grace. It helped me keep my sanity during a stressful and long week.

And instead of looking like a carefree angel she became contemplative + reflective.

Angel on Swing [wm]

Contemplation: Angel on her Swing. Available for sale here

And maybe my angel is figuring out her next plan of action when the next week rolls around.

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