☆ The 12 Days of Christmas {Day Four}

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DAY FOUR – The house smells like A Christmas Pudding.

Even though in Australia we are in the height of the summer on Christmas day, it is my family’s tradition to have the full cooked turkey, vegetables and trimmings from Christmas lunch.

I have memories of Christmas dinner being served, the in house temperature 10° hotter than outside because the poor oven has been working over drive since 6am in the morning, those portable water air conditioners stationed around ever corner of the overloaded table.

Part of this feast included the proper christmas pudding made by one of my grandmothers, hot custard and vanilla ice cream. Pudding - ivMy grans pudding was the one we preferred as children, but only  because it was salted with old pennies, half pence and thripence and my grandfather would exchange them for gold dollars, two dollars + 50 cent pieces. We would probably eat much more than our fill because of the lure of a thripence!!

My Nan is 94 this year, and as long as I can remember she has made us a pudding every year from Christmas. Pudding - vAnd since we returned home from Scotland the girls and I have helped her make them  for the family. Since my mum retired she has joined in on the pudding making.

There is something magical about the pudding making. 4 generations of women taking turns stirring the pudding for luck. making the pudding in my Nan’s mothers bowl (the one which my Nan grew up learning to make the pudding in!). And three generations following the sometimes tyrannical directions, of the grand Matriarch of the family!Pudding - ii

And every year, just as I have figured out the recipe and a centuries worth of tips and tricks Nan will tweak it again. (I think sometimes this is deliberate!)

So I thought for the Fourth Day of Christmas I would share with you my Great Great Grandmother Harris’s Pudding Recipe. By the way – apparently it took my aunty 40 years to get this recipe from my Nan so I hope your feeling a little privileged guys!!

great grandmother harris’s christmas pudding

1lb Sultanas                               1lb Raisins                               1lb Currants
1/4 lb mixed peel                     1/4 lb red cherries                 1 cup sugar
11/2 cups bread crumbs       1tbs butter                               3 eggs (beaten)
1tsp mixed spice                       1tsp vanilla                             1tsp almond essence
1/2 cup rum                                1/2cup boiling milk             1tsp bi carb soda
1cup plain flour                        1grated green apple

~ Soak all the fruit in with the rum, vanilla, mixed spice and almond essence over night in a covered bowl
~ Prepare pudding cloths – butter the cloths and sprinkle with a good coat of flour
~ Add bread crumbs, butter and flour and mix well
Pudding - v~Beat eggs to froth and add
~Boil milk and add bicarb soda. Beat until it froths and add to mixture. Mix well
~Add grated apple.
~Take your lucky stir of the bowl!Pudding - vi~Spread cloths over bowls and fill to about 3/4 full.
Pudding - iii~Using baking twine fold the cloths, gather at the top and tightly tie off. (if you get water in your pudding it will be mush!)
~In a deep pot of boiling water put your pudding in the pot and boil for 6 hours, making sure the water doesn’t stop boiling and that the water is always covering the pudding.
~After 6 hours hang the pudding from a hook or door knob until cool.
Pudding - vii~ On Christmas day pull your pudding out and boil in water for 1 hour before serving! Pudding - viiiEt Voila! Delicious Christmas pudding for dessert!

You can totally freeze this pudding if you make it earlier, or you can make it the day before.
I was always so scared of making this pudding thinking it complicated and hard, but it is truly one of the earliest things my Nan has taught me to cook!

AND BONUS? These make the best handmade Christmas gifts too!

Now it’s your turn

What do you guys have for Christmas dinner? Do you have Christmas pudding for dessert? What is your favourite recipe?

And I would absolutely love it if you shared your creations from the 12 days of Christmas LilliBean Style with me + everyone else either on social media (use the hashtag #makelillibean, or tag @lillibeandesigns in your photo) or by emailing me your pics + everyone will be able share the gorgeous creations you’ve designed!


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It’s Day Five + I am sharing another project one that I made for the Handmade Canberra newsletter. It’s another simple project that looks great and adds another element to your Christmas gifts.


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See you tomorrow.

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