☆ The 12 Days of Christmas {Day Six}

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Like the Christmas puddings, this little ritual is one that we’ve begun since moving back to Australia. Of course I am talking about the absolutely de-vine sugar cookies.

Now I know that I am Australian and yes we call cookies ‘biscuits’, but to my way of thinking Sugar Cookies sound so much more magical and decadent that Sugar biscuits!

In the beginning it started as a way to add a nice extra touch to the presents we gave to family especially because we were on a very small budget, but now we do this every year for our grandparents, teachers, bus drivers and sometimes the postie will even get some!

The house smells fantastic (even though it is stinking hot cause hello! hot oven = even hotter house!) it also takes longer to make than in the winter cause I have to freeze the dough in between steps.

But the kids love them, the gift recipients appreciate and enjoy them + they look fantastic.


Some recipes I have used have too much baking soda which makes the cookies spread. The best recipe I have used is this one:

3 cups plain flour                                        1tsp baking soda (bicarb soda)
1 cup caster sugar                                       2tsp vanilla extract
1/2tsp salt                                                     1 cup (225g) butter
2 large eggs (3 small)cookie collage

  • Mix the sugar and eggs until fluffy
  • Add eggs + vanilla extract. Mix thoroughly
  • Add flour, baking soda + salt (I change my beaters to dough hooks here) Mix till combined + smooth
  • (If it is a little dry and not mixing well sometimes I will add a splash of milk here)
  • Divide in half and refrigerate for at least 1/2 hour.
  • After the dough is hard you can roll it out
  • Break dough into smaller segments and roll it to about 1/2cm – 1 cm thick.
  • I roll it in between to bits of grease proof paper. I have never mastered the rolling of dough and not having it stick everywhere!
  • Cut out your shapes and put it on baking trays lined with grease proof paper
  • REFRIGERATE AGAIN (this also helps the spreading of your cookies and they will keep their awesome shape.)
  • Put your oven on now + heat to 180°C (350°F)
  • Once heated up pop your cookies in
  • Cook for 10 – 15 mins till golden


I often do. But for special events like Christmas I will add icing to my cookies to give them something a little more special!

To do this I use Royal Icing. In Australia (and I presume elsewhere) you can buy Royal icing in the supermarkets. Other wise this recipe {here} is a good one.

You also need food colouring, zip lock bags, a wooden skewer + a couple of bowls.

cookie collage - iiMix the packet together with the precise amount of water.

***NOTE: If you add colouring you may need to decrease the water in the mix. You want the icing to run but not runny, stiff but not too stiff. YUP! That totally makes sense!
A good indicator is if you run a knife through the mix it will hold the line for a good couple of seconds before it smooths over again.
Too runny add some more mixture/ icing sugar. Too stiff add a drop or two of water.

My Nan always says (when she watches me with food colouring) “Darling…You know you only need one or two drops?” but like the artist I am I love the vibrant colours so I add a lot more than one or two drops of colouring!cookie - iiiAfter I have put the coloured icing into zip lock bags my kids clamour to lick the spoonscookie - ivI didn’t have enough royal icing mix to make a black mix so I used my handy dandy icing writing thing!
**NOTE: to get the outline of the butterfly in the cookie under my hand I gently pressed the butterfly cookie cutter into the dough before baking.
cookie - viiI personally love the black outline, but you may choose not to do this step + line cookies where you want different colours.
cookie - viii
Cut a small corner of your zip lock bags of coloured royal mix + start piping it onto your cookies. Usually I would wait in between colours so that the mix drys a little but today I was impatient.
cookie - ixIf there were areas that the icing didn’t quite meet the edges I would gently use the wooden skewer to spread it to the edges. You can see that I had too much water in my green mix – it oozed over the sides of a couple of my cookies.

And in my baking box we found baubles and sugar snow flakes so we added them to the cookies too.
cookie - v
The girls wanted to decorate their own cookies too – but as you can imaging I was slightly hesitant to give wee beastie (in the middle in yellow) her own zip lock bag – so instead we used glitter writing gels.

Two seconds later wee beastie had squeezed an entire gel onto her cookie!
cookie - vi
Bean was too impatient and wanted to eat her cookie straight away so she did a few lines. Bug decided to make a snow flake design.

Wait an hour or two to wait for the icing to dry properly and then pop them on a festive plate!cookie - x

They are so vibrant and look amazing in cellophane bags with a pretty ribbon. I had to remind the girls several times not to eat them as they are gifts and have endured pouty faces all morning.

I popped out for a bit while letting them dry, and came home to two or three empty spaces on the tray. It seems Mac had popped home and had a treat!


Do you have a favourite cookie recipe that you make for Christmas or special occasions? I would love if you shared it with us.

And if you enjoyed this project please love it, pin it, like it or share it!


I love seeing the different + creative ways you will use this recipe. Pinterest has a fantastic collection of sugar cookie porn if you are a pinterest addict… oops I mean member!

If you make them you can share them on social media with us using the tag #makelillibean, by tagging @lillibeandesigns in the photo or emailing  me your pics + everyone will be able to share the gorgeous creations you design!


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It’s Day Seven + I have the second part of my christmas angels project.


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