☆ The 12 Days of Christmas {Day Seven}

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Can you believe that we are over half way through the 12 Days of Christmas? Although it scares me slightly to think that that means there is only five shopping days left considering that my shopping to do list is still extremely long!


So I am a little late today because I was at the local Farmers Markets! A great morning but by 11am the wind stopped being refreshing and became one of those hot westerlies we often have in the summer here.

So onto todays project. I wanted to show you another way to use DAY FIVE’S downloads.


I used these downloads as my templates. {Click the images to download}

Angel downloadxmas downloadI decided to make an angel bunting but you could use the reindeer, elf girl, the snow globe or a combination of all of them.Bunting - iYou can decorate your angels anyway you want. I used a mixture of collaged Christmas paper, acrylic paints, pencils and watercolour pencils.Bunting - iiI gave a sheet to the girls and had them decorate their angels for our bunting.

You could glue them to cardboard to give them an extra stiffness, but I like the way they float around under the fans breeze.

I had some thin jewellers wire in my box of crap (oops I mean ephemera!) cut off several lengths.Bunting - iiiYou could use anything from paper clips to string loops. I made a ‘U’ shape and used some masking tape to secure it to my Angel.Bunting - ivI did this to all our angels. (I love how my girls made my angels their very own!)Bunting - vI tied some string onto my angels ‘hooks’. I was looking for some festive red and white string to use, but it seems there’s a shortage of that in my home town!
Bunting - viiNow I was going to string them up around the tree, and I also thought they’d look great over our big lounge room windows, but my kids commandeered them for them selves.

The terrible trio decided that they wanted their room to look Christmassy and since I vetoed having their own tree (I am so mean right!) we compromised and they have the special angel in their room!


There are so many ways you could interpret this project. They also make awesome Christmas decorations, door hangers, window hangings or evenCollage - ias a very unique gift tags for your Christmas gifts.Collage - iiThe idea’s could be endless!


I love seeing the different + creative ways you will use this recipe. Pinterest has a fantastic collection of sugar cookie porn if you are a pinterest addict… oops I mean member!

If you make them you can share them on social media with us using the tag #makelillibean, by tagging @lillibeandesigns in the photo or emailing  me your pics + everyone will be able to share the gorgeous creations you design!

And if you enjoyed this project please love it, pin it, like it or share it!


Notebook xvGive yourself the gift of handmade this year by entering to win my Little Book with Big Ideas.

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Do all three + you can have up to 4 entries in the competition hugely increasing your chances to win!

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The Little Book with Big Ideas Christmas Give Away


It’s Day Eight! It’s got rum, it’s got coconut + it’s got chocolate. It is my favourite snack ever. And one that I only have at Christmas…mainly cause I would gain 20lbs if I kept eating them all year! They are sooooo good and you’ll have to come back tomorrow!


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See you tomorrow.

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