☆ The 12 Days of Christmas {Day Eight}

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DAY eight: Rum, Coconut, chocolatey goodness….

When I was a little girl every Christmas holidays my mother would make Christmas treats. I am not sure if it was something that she used to do with her mother, but every Christmas we would spend a day making chocolatey goodness!

We would make peppermint + coconut shards, White Christmas, some pink and white thing, and my F.A.V.O.U.R.I.T.E christmas treat ever – rum balls.

My mum would package these up – some went to family as gifts, or to Christmas parties we were invited to, but a large Tupperware container full would be stashed in our freezer to be pulled out when guests came around or to compliment the crazy amount of dessert that we absolutely did not need to eat after Christmas dinner.

During the Christmas period, the constant socialisation, and the stiffling summer heat meant that we would all take a huge siesta after lunch. You would often find me laying under my fan, reading some teen romance, and sneaking from my room to the freezer, (avoiding all the creaky spots) carefully breaking the freezer seal, (it seemed so loud in the quiet house) I would gently prize off the tupperware lid and squirrel away three or four rum balls to nibble on during the afternoon laze about.

I have made rum balls every year since I moved out of home at Christmas time. And I still sneak into the kitchen and sneak a rum ball or three from the freezer. But instead of worrying about my mum hearing me it’s so my girls don’t hear me and demand that I share my rum balls with them!

So todays treat for the eighth day of Christmas? It’s make your own chocolatey goodness.

COCONUT+ RUM + chocolate = perfect christmas BALLs!

This is so easy to make! Especially in the era of blenders and food processors! I have memories of bashing up the biscuits with a rolling pin! Fun but time consuming!

What you’ll need

200g of Marie Biscuits. (These are sweet plain biscuits.) Arrowroot bikkies will do as well.
1 tin of condensed milk
1 cup of coconut + extra to roll balls in
1/4 cup of rum (I use real rum, but rum essence or no rum is ok. For me it just doesn’t feel like Christmas with out the rum!)
3tbs of cocoa

Rumballs - iDig out your food processor, blender or rolling pin
Rumballs - iiSlowly add your Marie biscuits to the processor until they become the consistency of largish bread crumbs. In the processor add the cocoa, rum, coconut + condensed milk and blitz.

Take some time to lick the spatular used to scrape the condensed milk! (SOOOOO YUMMY!)

Rumballs - iii

Now call me crazy, but I kinda hate the feeling of sticky stuff on my hands. Clay, scone dough and rum ball mix all drive me a little nuts. But lucky for me my kids LOVE it.

Take about a teaspoon of mix and fashion it into a ball. Drop it into the coconut and totally coat the ball. Et Voila you are done! Repeat until bowl is empty.

While we were in the cooking/ assembling state of mind, we decided to make chocolate spiders to go with our rum balls.

Chocolate + peanut butter = died and gone to heaven!

What you need:

Spiders - i

200g Milk Chocolate
100g Crunchy Noodles (Changs is the most popular here in Australia!)
2tbsp Peanut Butter (Smooth or Crunchy is fine.)

Spiders - ii

Melt your chocolate then add your peanut butter, Stir in the peanut butter till smooth. Add your noodles and mix until they are all covered.
Spiders - iiiUsing a dessert spoons and spoon a clump out onto grease proof paper and refrigerate until hard.

Now I know it’s hard but please share the spoon with your kids and loved ones! You can eat the real thing in about 10 minutes!

Is it bad that in the course of writing this post I have snuck into the kitchen several times to grab a rum ball or ten? I will definitely have to jump on the treadmill tomorrow!


Do you have a favourite Christmas treat? Mine are rum balls while Mac’s is  Panettone (Italian sweet bread) 

Is there something you have to have in the house to make your Christmas complete? I would love to hear what goodness you enjoy during the festive season!

Did  you enjoy this project? If so please love it, pin it, like it or share it!


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It’s Day Nine. I am talking music, the Christmas kind and carolling in a not like in it’s a wonderful life!


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See you tomorrow.

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