☆ Round Here {January 2016}

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Did you have a fabulous holiday season? It feels like I have done nothing but eat, drink and hang out under the air conditioner for the last three weeks – especially as the mercury is consistently at 42°C (107°F) this week.

After my 12 Days of Christmas series of posts, I knew I needed to take some time away from the LilliBean Blog – I needed to recharge so that I could create content that not only inspired me, but that will hopefully inspire you too.

These round here posts are some of my favourite. They help me appreciate the little moments in our lives – those magical memories that can often be forgotten in the craziness and business of life!

Memories like…

Round Here i

Capturing Fairies in the back yard.

Round Here ii

Giving hugs and love to our family 

Round Here iii

Going on moon lit drives and marvelling at the Christmas full moon.

Round Here iv

Owning my 2016 word of the year (keep an eye out for that post!)

Round Here v

This commission! Such a beautiful and inspiring message from a mama to her daughter!

Round Here vi

How delicious is this? Twinkling H2O’s in all their shimmery glory!

Round Here vii

Birthday Princesses and hot cakes!

Round Here viii

Welcoming a new member to our family – introducing Nix Firestorm.

Round Here x

Hanging out at the Parkes Elvis Festival.

Round Here xi

And getting our jive on to the awesome (mostly Elvis themed!)  live music 

Round Here xii

Enjoying the raw summer sunsets – and the drop in temperature that night usually brings. We all sigh in relief when the sun is finally gone for the day.

Round Here xiii

Realising that this may be the face that we see a lot of in a couple of years time. 


Round Here ix

Even in the sticky heat life moves on. It would be easy to remember these past few weeks as nothing more than over indulging with food + drink, and the constant drone of cicadas (which if you have ever seen Failure to Launch + remember Zooey Deschanel + the mocking bird – this is ten times worse!) but looking back I realise that..


Whats story are your memories telling? Have you been hibernating from the heat (or cold?) What would be your favourite memory from the past few weeks? I would love it if you shared your stories!

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2 thoughts on “☆ Round Here {January 2016}

    • LilliBean Designs says:

      What an awesome memory!! The very first hug from my niece (when she was close to one!) was the most special hug + to this day we have an awesome bond! And the hugs from yours? The BEST EVER!!! Thank you for sharing!


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