☆ Something Wonderful {Friday Art}

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something wonderful 

For me there is something wonderful about this time of year. There are possibilities opening and up for grabs, the holidays seem endless, and the summer is warming up.

Going for a quick swim to cool down on a hot summers evening, sitting outside having a bbq with close friends and icy cold cocktails, long still evenings listening to the terrible trio play outside under the sprinklers, school holidays with no routines, no dance, with lazy sleep ins and early morning runs when the sun is up and the heat hasn’t hit the day.

Something wonderful.

And sitting under the air conditioner and bitching about the heat. There’s something wonderful about that too!

And even though I am more an autumn + spring kinda girl, I have really enjoyed these summer holidays – I am sad that they are drawing to a close, yet I am excited by the possibilities that are opening up for me, for Mac + for the terrible trio.

And so this word art is particularly synchronistic for me.

Something Wonderful [wm]‘SOMETHING WONDERFUL’ watercolour painting approx. 11×8′
$75 (free postage) Click here to purchase.

You can also download you own version of this print for free. Join my studio snippets email + you can download yours to use today.

So tell me what is something wonderful in your life right now? Is it the hot summer nights (or cool winter evenings for my northern hemisphere friends?) I would love to hear what wonderful things are happening for you at the moment!

Join the conversation below!

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