☆ LEAP {Word to 2016}


In January I often talk about my word of the year. A word that steers me through out the year.

It’s a practice that I was first introduced to by Ali Edwards one little word blog series.

So every year I choose my word carefully, but it is also one which readily jumps to mind. I don’t force it or try to hard to find it.

My words are chosen to give me strength when I am filled with doubt. Words which will guide me when I am unsure of which path the take.

One year I chose Bravery to remind me to bravely share my art with the world. Another year it was Worthy a constant reminder that I was worthy of everything I sought.

Release, Love, Grow + Empower. Other words that in the past have guided me on incredible journeys.
Round Here iv

And 2016 will be no different!

  • There have been things on my to do list that I have been afraid of trying – I will leap into these… 
  • There are creative techniques and paintings that I have wanted to try for ages but keep putting off – I am totally leaping into those!
  • And there are projects that I have half started, projects that I want to release into the world, books half written, courses almost finished. Projects that I don’t finish because the end is scary and the release is terrifying. And this year I will take a big freaking LEAP and finish these…

I am totally leaping (totally intended pun by the way!!) into my word of 2016. I usually create a painting, but I have found that they are often lost on a shelf that I only flick through occasionally.

Leap Collage

This year I wanted a daily reminder to leap into 2016 and created an inspirational disk that I can hang in my some where I will see it everyday!

Leap Collage ii

I played with some different places hanging my disk – I tried next to my sea urchin collage which I wake up to every morning, then I tried my bathroom mirror which I look at every morning + then I stuck it on my inspiration board in my studio…

Nothing really felt right, but I guess the beauty of my disk is that I can move it when I want to and to where I need to see it. (I guess I could even take it on holiday’s with me if I needed to!

Leap i

For now it’s on my black board right in front of my computer and studio desk. I was totally inspired while making mine that I made a couple more.

Disk collage

Dream, Nurture, Embrace, Soar, Inspire + Dare Inspirational disks. AU$25 + postage. Email me for more information, or to request your very own inspirational disk to hang somewhere you need to see it everyday.

What about you? Do you have a word for 2016? Do you have a mantra that will guide you? Or do you want to share mine + take a big freaking Leap this year?

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