☆ Playing + Finding Inspiration Again

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When I first started out on this crazy artistic journey, I used my sketchbook every single day.

I would pull it out and sketch some, or scribble ideas down or capture glimpses of inspiration.

Sketch Play i

Over the last year or so I have been scribbling down less, sketching even less

Reflecting over 2015 I realized how much I missed playing in my sketchbook + missed capturing moments; I missed the feel of heavy paper beneath my pencil, sketching while watching a great movie or binging on Netflix.

Sketch Play iiSo I have been making time to sketch again.

Making time to work through the pile of inspiration in my studio, which I would love to use in future paintings. Sticking into my book random quotes that speak to me and may one day be a fanciful words poster painting. Glueing all those scraps of paper that have been pulled from magazines, junk mail (or the vodka packaging) that spark my imagination.

Sketch Play iii

A month into 2016 and although I haven’t had much time to play – just a few pages here and there but I love the feel and look of my new sketchbook + I have started carrying a small one around in my purse again (every six weeks my chiropractor begs me to lighten my bag!).

I am totally loving the feel of the thick paper under my pencil again!

What about you? Did you used to do something you loved and have slowly stopped making time to do it? Isn’t it time to incorporate it back into your life again? Let us know what you are going to reintroduce to your 2016! Join the conversation here or below in the comments – I would love to hear what your thoughts are!

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