☆ Be Strong + Courageous [Friday Art]

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You see last December I was at the Millthorpe Markets, it was a hot and sticky day, three weeks before Christmas, but even though it was doubly hot and steamy in the marquee I was having a great day.

Because what I love most about taking LilliBean Designs to the markets is that it gives me the chance to actually speak to my customers, to the browsers or even to the collectors who pick up something every time they see me.

During the Millthorpe markets I had the opportunity to talk to many people, about my current collection of paintings, what I was planning to create in the new year, and what they would love to see in the LilliBean Designs store (just wait till you see what was suggested! fan-freaking-tastic ideas!!)


And during my day I had a lovely lady approach me and ask if I could create a painting for her daughter. They were going through a really tough time + she wanted to create a painting, which inspired her daughter to be strong.

I had ‘Strength in Vulnerability’ on display, but it wasn’t the right message for her daughter and once she shared her story I totally agreed!

Three weeks later my she emailed me and asked if we could do the painting with the message ‘Be Strong and Courageous.’

Of course I could!

Round Here v

And you may have seen a few teaser pictures on Instagram + facebook but today you get to see the final painting.

close ups

I am so excited to share this with you, because not only do I absolutely adore the final painting, but my clients were so happy with their painting and I hope they are inspired to be strong and courageous always.


Be strong + courageous [wm]‘Be Strong + Courageous’: A3 size Watercolor painting on paper. SOLD

And during the process of painting this very special commission I kept thinking ‘You know some times a monster high doll just doesn’t cut it!’

Sometimes you need to just step outside your carefully crafted squares. And what an awesome gift for a mama to give to her daughter? What an amazing way to let them know that they are strong and courageous and amazing and special and loved?

So being a part of this project was not only an honour to create this artwork it was a privilege to share my gift with these special people.

Has there been a time where you realised a monster high doll or a card or a bunch of flowers just didn’t say what needed to be said? What did you do? Please join the conversation here or below – share with us your stories. 

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