☆ It has only taken three years [Friday Art]

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it has only taken me three years to make this!

It has become something of a tradition in our family that I paint the letters of my nieces and nephews names.

Letter Collage 'A'

It started out when I painted Bean and Bugs name for their individual toy boxes. (You know when you foolishly think that a small toy box each will sufficient!)


Letter Collage toy box

But of course they ended up with a room full of toys so I pull their names off the toy boxes and stuck them on their bedroom door.

isn’t wee beastie three? 

Now Wee Beastie has moved into the girls room (ok, ok she moved in two years ago!) and Bean has moved out of her room their names needs to be reshuffled and I really needed to finish off Beasties name.

As well as hers, I also had my nephew Rosie’s name to paint for. (By the way his name is not Rosie, this is just the name my girls gave him before he arrived and they were convinced he was a girl!)

And I thought I would share this with you because they are so very easy to create that you all could make your own.

Letter Collage

So I bought the letters from a local supplier. I noticed the other day that they have since shut down, but you can usually find a source on ebay for the letters.

I choose lettering that a simple script (like Arial or Georgia or Trebuchet) and is 10 – 15cm high x ½ cm wide. (Although for one of my nephews I chose a really thick lettering so that they could be sat on a shelf.)

Letter Collage 'o'

Thicker lettering can sit upright on a shelf

Once it arrived, I sprayed the letters (back and front) with an undercoat. (My kids love the patterns that this creates!)


I then spray the back of my letters with a flat black coat of paint.

Once dry I sketch out the designs I want to use on the front of my lettering + then paint the sides of the letters in black paint.

Letter Collage

I paint the designs I have sketched. I have found that two coats make the lettering really stand out and the colours super vibrant.

zebraThis technique I’ve used for the ‘K’ + ‘E’ is one of the easiest ways of painting letters and looks so effective that you could do a whole name in this way!

Paint the entire letter in your preferred colour (two coats.) Wait for it to totally dry before you rip off bits of masking tape to stick onto your letter. Grab a dark colour (I used black but you could use a dark blue or red even) and paint the entire letter including over your masking tape.

 Once dry (again wait for it to be totally dry) gently pull up your masking tape.

 How cool does this look! It is one of my favourite techniques!

Finally to protect them a little more, spray both sides of the letters with a clear varnish. Lettering 'S'Then using double-sided tape affix the letters to which ever surface you wish.

Beestie + her name

Wee Beastie kept pointing to her letters saying ‘mine and mine and mine and mine’ – I think she liked them!

My names

All three of their names together before I pulled of Beans name to put on her new bedroom door.

Which one is your favourite letter? I think the ‘S’ is mine.

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