☆ Eight Ways to Finding Time + Chase your Dreams

Eight Ways

I was at my weekly aqua fit the other week and an acquaintance of mine asked me what I was up to with LilliBean Designs at the moment.

I told her I was frantically painting my Whimsy Inspirational collection to debut in two weeks time at Canberra Handmade, I had a heap of blog posts to write, photos to edit and 100 unread emails in my inbox, plus jewellery to make, products to photograph and orders to be sent out.

She just looked at me and said “how do you do it?”

I just smiled and said “At the moment I am running on caffeine and power naps in the afternoon!”

But as I thought about this conversation over the course of the lesson, I realised that this is one of the most asked questions of me.

I have another friend who asked me to tell her how to find the time to start following her dream of studying again but with three kids she felt it was next to impossible to start.

So I thought today I would share with you how I find time to follow my dreams + maybe inspire you to start chasing yours.

1. I get up before everyone else in my family

I bet you see this tip a lot. But the reason it comes up again and again is that it works. Now I am NOT a morning person. I would quite happily sleep in till noon and stay up all night – BUT this isn’t going to work for me and my family.

I generally force myself out of bed half an hour before everyone wakes and I need that half an hour to wake up properly. If I am feeling energetic, I will try to fit in some exercise.

Get it Done

2. I look at my diary every morning..

Over coffee I look at my three planners. I have a small 2016 diary (that is taken everywhere), my moleskine daily planner (that goes almost everywhere), and my A5 loose leaf ‘brain download’ folder. (This goes with me when I think I can squeeze in some work while out.)

My diary has appointments, school activities, birthdays etc.  And every family member has a different colour, so at a glance I can tell that today Bean is dancing and Wee Beastie is at school.

Get shit done ii

3. I spent two days making sure my daily planner would work for me.

It took me almost a month to decide what needed to go into this book. It is a grid moleskine soft cover book, which I have split into months + days. It allows me to keep my most important dreams, my monthly goals, my mula abundance page, weekly checkins + weekly reviews in the one spot.

And every day has it’s own page with lots of room for to do lists, daily quotes, or quick brainstorm sessions.

Shit done

4. I have a brain download folder

This is essentially a ‘dump’ folder. The idea being that every thought, every idea, every random scrap goes in the one place. I stick it in here to then be worked on at another time.

This way I am not distracted by what are seemingly great ideas. For instance last week I woke up and decided to paint a large painting for my bed room. But I have markets in two weeks and need to work on those items first.

By making sure that my idea was written down in my folder (along with some quick sketches) I will be able to start on it when I have time + I won’t have forgotten my idea.

5. I have claimed my days!

In my head I have assigned different tasks to each day of the week.

I have two kid free day’s per week on Tuesday + Thursday so these days have become days which I write, edit photos, plan events and launches uninterrupted.

On the other days when I have kids, I make other things the focus. Mondays is Beastie + Mama days, Wednesday is whats on my Work desk Wednesday with painting + creating joy, Friday is Fun day where I may spend some time taking photos or creatively writing. (Things I find fun!). Saturday is Soul day, where I fill up my cup with fun projects, spending time with the girls + Mac or spending all afternoon in a hammock reading.

And Sunday is Sort my Shit out Sunday.

Work Done ii

6. I plan out my week on Sundays

I do this every Sunday. If I don’t come Monday morning it’s chaos. I will have forgotten that one of my kids has library and haven’t tracked down the book, or that another one’s jazz outfit is on the bottom of the laundry basket.

I take my calendar, my books and I prioritise what I am going to do this week and so that I can get shit done.

With out this I wouldn’t have realised that I had markets in three weeks and a new collection to launch as planned!

7. I don’t watch television

Well not the traditional television. In my studio I have my computer so while I am painting I will binge on a tv series. I am an impatient person by nature, so having to wait for ad breaks drives me nuts and waiting a week for the next episode? Forget it! (As a side – I’ve almost finished Game of Thrones – I am looking for a new series if there are any suggestions!!)

And Mac is a TV flicker. He flicks from channel to channel, watching 5 minutes of this show, 10 minutes of another forgetting that he was watching something else. And the worst part is that we only have Free television (so like 15 channels!) I am not sure how many times you can flick through those fifteen channels only to realise three hours later there was nothing on!


And it’s another reason why I don’t watch TV!

So I will go to my studio and spend a blissful two hours in there before bed and not feel muderous impulses from spending two hours in front of the TV with Mac.

PicMonkey Collage

8. We have ‘Rest Time’ most days.

People find this hilarious but seriously this was a game changer in our house. After lunch for at least an hour sometimes two, we have ‘rest’ time.

During this time, wee Beastie goes down for her nap and everyone else goes for a ‘rest’. The two older girls will watch a movie, Mac will often play his PS4 and I will head into the studio to work on the computer or paint.

This has two advantages for me. 1) I can work for a couple of hours and not feel the push pull of guilt and trying to juggle work and quality family time + 2) Every one does something they enjoy and when ‘rest’ time is over we are all mostly happy.


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