Every Day Whimsy: Terrariums

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Last year I shared with you some of my ‘collections’ (or piles of useless shite according to Mac!)

And I wanted to share with you another of my collections – terrariums

Now I have a BLACK thumb.

I pretty much kill every plant I have ever tried to grow in my house. Cyclamens, Poinsettias, Orchids, Ferns and Lilies.

All dead.

But I think I have hit a sure fire plant that brings me joy and allows me to bring some whimsy into my home really easily.

Terrariums + Succulents.

I started pinning terrariums last year – it is fair to say I became slightly obsessed with them.

Terranium i

I love that you could use all these really simple materials in the jar to make them look so pretty – beach sand, soil and a bag of fish pond stones make stunning layers.

Terranium ii

A piece of string and a succulent pinched from my mum’s garden to top it off. Simply delightful.


Mac surprised me for Christmas this year with a couple that he made with the girls. I added in these super cute toadstools I had picked up for the fairy garden + these little ladybugs that a local florist sticks on bouquets that I have kept for that special project!

(AND THIS! This is the reason I never throw anything out!!)

Terranium iv

I have added to my collection since then – including this felted toadstool terrarium I picked up from the last Canberra Handmade Markets. (Unfortunately I cannot remember which stall but I will update this when I find out!)

I have terrariums popping up everywhere. Watch this space!

Tell me about your obsessions – oops I mean collections. I would love to know what is special to you.

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