Round Here [March]


It feels like forever since I’ve written a round here post but when I was editing photos for todays post I remembered how much I love these little snippets into our life.


We’ve made super hero masks at playgroup…

pic i

Creating one little word disks…


Fracturing our arm on the trampoline… 


photographing every single item in my inventory….


Roo hunting with beastie…


Getting bored of photographing my work + playing with my iPhone macro lens.


Making backgrounds to play with the kids at Beasties preschools Art Day…


loving how this painting looks framed!


having an amazing time at the Canberra Handmade Markets despite the humid conditions!


exploring our town together and taking in the beauty that surrounds us.

Easter has passed and like always the weather has started to turn, I am looking forward to the cooler months, and the quieter pace of life as we start to hibernate for the winter.

What did you get up this month?

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