Whimsy Inspirations [new collection]

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With the crazy lead up to the Canberra Handmade markets last month, I totally forgot that I was going to share these with y’all before the big event…

It was never going to happen – between Beans fractured arm, waiting for the weather to cool off a little so that my jewellery could be made and my usual last minute ‘holy crap that is an amazing idea that I absolutely have to do before the markets’ project, it was totally not going to happen.

But I am totally in love with some of these whimsy inspirationals. And I love that they are so versatile.

Bethany the Zombie.

This whimsy inspirational was snapped up at the last handmade markets in Canberra. I have fallen in love with the character, so no doubt she will turn up again in the future!

Bethany [wm]



Sometimes you can totally be locked up in your ivory tower, not seeing the world around you. Peaking outsideΒ  your dreams are given wings and you can suddenly see beyond those walls to the amazing possibilities ahead.

dream [wm]

DREAMER – $35 (10x10cm mixed media canvas with chain hanger + whimsy charm)

‘The Music Lives in You’

Everyone has a song inside them – don’t be afraid of singing your song.

Inspire [wm]

‘THE MUSIC LIVES IN YOU’ – $35 (10×10 mixed media canvas with chain hanger + inspire charm)

‘Just Breathe’


Peace [wm]

JUST BREATHE – $40 (10x10x3.5cm free standing mixed media canvas)


Sometimes its the sweet and innocent looking that are the most determined to achieve their full potential. And sometimes they need a little push!


Sweep [wm]

SWEET – $35 (10×10 mixed media canvas with chain hanger and a whimsy charm)


star gazer [wm]

STAR GAZER – $40 (10x10x3.5cm freestanding mixed media canvas)


Wise [wm]

WISE – $35 (10x10cm mixed media canvas with chain hanger + a whimsy charm)


at the markets

Which one is your favourite?

df78c-kirstinsigxNewsletter sig Nov 2015



2 thoughts on “Whimsy Inspirations [new collection]

  1. tvilello says:

    What a cute collection. My favorite? … I am drawn, for some reason, to the girls with the white/gray hair; dreamer and star gazer… perhaps because mine is rapidly turning that same color πŸ™‚


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