Thank You Millthorpe

Behind the Scenes

This Sunday past saw me and the clan at the biannual Millthorpe Markets. I love this event – not only do the local Millthorpe Community come out in force to support this market but the surrounding communities do to.

As always I had an amazing day – I meet some incredible people who told me the most inspirational stories, made some new friends and managed a quick walk around the markets to see the beautiful hand made goods and delicious local produce. (Thank god I had left my card behind!)

Millthorpe i

It was an early start for us, even though Millthorpe is less than an hour away, the number of stalls involved means that there is always a queue. Fortunately day light savings ended that morning, so not only did we have an extra hour of sleep, we saw the beautiful sunrise over the blue mountains.

Millthorpe ii

We would have had almost an hours wait in the queue, but Mac asked to organisers if we could walk in. Luckily I have downsized a bit since my first markets having to do a few on my own, there is nothing I can’t carry a few hundred meters (although I wish I had included my trolley when I packed!! )

Millthorpe iii

The girls were amazing – up early, travelling again after two days of traveling the days before. Wee Beastie looks more upset here than she actually was – she was cold more than anything. And after a scorching March it was a bit chilly.

Millthorpe iv

Mac usually takes care of these fiddly things for me – being an electrician he seems to do them in half the time it takes me to do it!

Millthorpe v

Bean is more and more interested in helping at the stalls – so she helped Mac with those fiddly nuts and bolts.

Millthorpe vi

Bugs job, in between sojourns to the play park was to help get out all the props I used in making my stall ‘pretty’.

Millthorpe viii

I always start by just dumping everything onto the tables and sorting from there.

Millthorpe vii

Mac and the girls have gone home at this stage, off to spend the day chilling out at home, and I am left to potter around and sort out where I want things eventually – and to be honest this is my favourite part of setting up.

Millthorpe ix

It’s getting more sorted now…

Millthorpe x

A few minor tweaks and I am ready for business.

Angel on Swing [wm]

This old friend found her new home early in the morning. And I know she will be appreciated every day in her new resting place.

Millthorpe xi

It was an amazing day in the end. I though to take some photos at the end of the day, but in the end I was exhausted and just packed up and came home for a well deserved glass of wine.

Thank you

Thank you everyone who popped in to say hey, and the organisers of the day – I can’t wait for the December markets!

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