Flash Back Friday

flashback friday

I don’t often look back but I love looking back over my blog posts and seeing my earlier drawings and paintings.

This is from five years ago…

Isn’t funny how things come about. This illustration began as a sketch of the girls easter present from my gran, (a duck and bunny on a bicycle), in front of the victorian dolls house, that g built over the easter weekend, almost three years after I gave it as a christmas present to bean & him.

I haven’t been that happy with my sketching lately – it has been missing something.. a depth, a story, a little piece of my heart… I am finding my way back I think.



What were you up to five years ago?

df78c-kirstinsigxNewsletter sig Nov 2015

One thought on “Flash Back Friday

  1. tvilello says:

    Five years ago, I was still believing that I was a failure at everything I did.I started painting about 3 to 4 years ago in an effort to just do something that I could find acceptance and self worth in. So far, it has helped. Love your work from 5 years ago as much as I love your currnt work 🙂


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