Round Here {April}

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The Indian Summer is finally over, the last of the warmth seeping from the earth and the frosty cool Autumn has come in full force. I have gone from wearing t-shirts and shorts to jeans, long sleeve t’s and snuggling into my very well worn ugg boots.

But the Indian Summer was amazing, we spent an amazing seven days on the coast staying at my Grans house and the girls were able to grab their first full on ocean experience.

This is what we’ve been up to this April….

BabysittingWee Beastie playing the playstation with Dad. Mac has cut the cord off Wee Beasties controller so she thinks she is playing…Post WalkA flying visit to Canberra to celebrate my brother in laws big ‘O’ birthdayEagle.jpgAnd seeing some incredible artworks in the street…LeavingLeaving on a girls only adventure to one of my favourite places in the world to see some of my favourite faces..ChipsEating chips on the beach and trying NOT to feed the seagulls…Wil + the GirlsMeeting new cousins….Heros + VilliansPlaying Hero’s + Villains with our cousins…SoughdoughFalling into sourdough donut sugar comas (SOOOOOO good)….
IMG_3724A little night time sketching once the tired terrible trio fell into bed…
GooniesWatching one of my all time favourite movies with the girls + watching it inspire a totally new generation…Little SketchesA totally new + fun set of sketches coming soon to LilliBean Designs…
Roo CaughtFinally catching that roo we’ve been hunting….
FrangapaniAdmiring the beauty in a different location….My FavouriteFinding amazing things in our town to share with Canberra cousins…
Dream Key RingMaking some last minute key rings for my markets this month….
DoneAnd chilling out. Hiding away for a little while to recuperate from our grand adventures and trying to keep up + hit the school term at full speed…

How was your April? What adventures did you do this month???

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