Something Very Cute Coming…{friday art}

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I have been thinking lately about my new jewelry collection + the upcoming LilliBean Jewelry Box launch.

I have been thinking about painting little, and capturing the images that I have loved seeing around at the moment.

I have been thinking about how much I like the boho chic look and my obsession with aqua.

And I have been thinking about how I could incorporate that all with my style.

One evening I sat down and spent an entire night doodling in my sketch book. I was watching commercial tv and the schedule included a home reno show.

As I was sitting there with my sketchbook open I decided to sketch everything that caught my eye.


It was an interesting exercise in itself + one that I will definitely repeat again. But what was even better were these cute little sketches that came out of it…

Which I then drew onto A7 sized water colour card.

Little Sketches

I am so excited about all these little paintings waiting to pop out!

And then keep an eye out for them to pop up in some of the new jewerly I am planning to make later this month!

I can’t wait to dig into this project!!


df78c-kirstinsigxNewsletter sig Nov 2015

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