Introducing Bethany Z {Life as a Zombie}

Bethany Z

There has been a little zombie girl who keeps appearing in my sketches. There is something so innocent about her, so trusting, and overtime she has been one of my favourite characters to sketch.

BethanyZ sketch

She doesn’t realise that she’s different, that she is something that most people would fear, she is just her sweet self + her name is Bethany Z.

And each time I sketch her she tells me a little bit more about herself.

BethanyZ dreams

So I decided it was time to introduce her to everyone.

Everyone this is Bethany Z.

Bethany Z is a zombie who doesn’t realise she is one. She has hopes + fears + dreams just like us.

And she will be popping up every few weeks.

Keep Calm + Kiss a Zombie

And I hope she will inspire you as much as she has inspired me….

P.S. Lillibean’s Jewelry Box is coming soon pop over here for more…


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