Round Here {May}


I don’t know about the weather in the Northern Hemisphere, but I feel we’ve gone straight from hot sunny days to full on winter.

Two weeks ago, I was in shorts + t’s. Today I am huddled up in a puffer vest and my ugh boots, and seriously considering my fourth cup of tea, just so I feel a little warmer!

And the changes in the weather have bought about changes in our home too. Gone is the franticness of summer, the hibernation has begun!

But even with our desire to sit in front of the fire all day, we’ve still had to get out + about.

We’ve been….

Round Here i

Owning our sense of style

Round Here ii

Finishing off these cute everyday whimsy paintings

round here iv

Editing photos till my eyes bleed

Round Here v

Wondering what the freaking hell to do with THIS painting!

round here iii

Sending of some love in the mail

Round Here vi

Working on a new Bethany Z

Round Here iiiv

Wondering if we have aliens or a farmer with a sense of humour

Round Here vii

Working on this ~ ‘That’s a freaky looking painting’ Mac

Round Here ix

Feeling very professional with these arriving on my doorstep!

I guess it never really slows down does it?

What have you been up to this month?


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