A Whimsy Home Project {Lucky Bamboo}

A whimsy home project

I have been reading a few books and blogs lately about inviting abundance into your life. From spiritual abundance, to health, relationships and of course money.

I love the idea of abundance and considering I want to add more joy + wildness + beauty to my life I am all for it.

In my readings I came across a post about inviting more into your wealth and prosperity/ abundance corner using the properties of Feng Shui. Yet my corner is located where my ensuite is, which is according to feng shui – definitely not great!

I searched google quickly and saw that bamboo can be used to counteract any negative vibes from my ensuite, but it quickly became less about the feng shui and more about making my ensuite pretty.

And I thought I’d share with you how added some prosperity and prettiness to my ensuite!

Wealth + Abundance iBug and Beastie went with me to the hardware store where I had a plank of wood cut to a metre length. And I quickly sanded the edges so they were no longer rough.

I wanted a dark, luxurious feel so I picked up a stain called Dark Japan. I did two coats of stain (definitely do this out side – my studio stank for weeks!) and two coats of varnish (which I did do out side – lesson learned!)

Wealth + Abundance ii

I picked up eight of  these cute milk bottles from the discount store for about $1.50 each

From the hardware shop I had also grabbed 8 metal hose clamps. (Apparently they’re not called ‘those metal ring thingy’s that you use of hoses and pipes’. Their technical name is hose clamp.)

I measured out roughly equal gaps on my wood, pre drilled a hole in the clamp and then screwed them into place.  You could design this any way you please, but I liked the idea of having them in a row, and I knew Mac would go mental if they were very obviously not the same height and space

Wealth + Abundance iii

Look at my lovely ensuite! Yikes it is hideous! THOSE TILES!!!

On the back of my wood I had screwed in two picture framing hooks and asked Mac to drill holes in our wall and fix in screws to secure it. (we have a brick house, so hanging anything requires Mac and his drill!)

I added in my milk bottles and closed the clamps. Then setting it on our wall, I added some water and then my Bamboo shoots to it.

Wealth + Abundance

They look amazing and now three months on, they are thriving in our ensuite and require only a bit of water every couple of weeks (yah for the black thumb gardener aka me!)

I am not sure if I have invited any extra abundance or wealth to my life, however they look pretty and whimsical and make me smile whenever I am in my seriously outdated ensuite.

The whole project took me just a weekend to finish and cost less than $50 in total.


8 Lucky Bamboo Stalks
8 glass jars (any size you want)
8 hose clamps
1 length of wood (mine was 1metre
stain of your choice
lacquer or varnish
hanging materials.

What do you think? Will you give it a go? I am now planning to use the off cuts in similar ways with succulents and air plants!



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