LilliBean’s Jewelry Box

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HOw often do you treat yourself?

Not enough I bet! But finding something that is a little different and special is difficult.

I particularly love jewerly for my treats, yet it seems that everyone has the same or similar jewelry. And my terrible trio don’t make it easy to find a special treat either. Between the ‘don’t touches’ and the ‘I want’s’ finding something for me seems more like a chore than a treat.

A special little gift that is just for you would be so joyous on those days that seem never ending.

What if you could, from the comfort of your home have a beautifully wrapped treat sent directly to your door?

Imagine the joy + excitement of seeing your beautifully wrapped gift box in the mailbox! The thrill of a special treat that is just for you + you didn’t even have to leave the house!

And when you opened up your parcel + you saw a unique piece of LilliBean Jewelry made by me, in my studio, just for you? How excited would you be?

What if each month you didn’t know which surprise gift you would have in your mail box? What treat will you recieve this month? Earrings? A ring? A necklace?

Imagine the anticipation and delight when you saw your LilliBean Jewelry Box in your mail!

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Each month you recieve a totally unique piece of jewelry in your mailbox. Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted, individually selected, beautifully parcelled and posted by me!

What you recieve each month is a surprise, however each piece will feature an image from my one of a kind paintings. I will personally select pieces from my earring, ring, necklace or bracelet collections just for you.

And if there is a new collection about to debut, GUESS WHAT!  as a LilliBean Jewelry Box member you will receive it first.

(Please note: that the box is not an actual jewelry box ! Although it is wrapped and packaged like a box, it isn’t a physical jewerly box, but an item of jewerly to add to yours!)

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The hardest part of the LilliBean Jewelry Box experience is deciding which jewelry box you want!

Jewelry club boxes v2.jpg*all prices are in australia dollars.

There a four memberships to choose from:

BRONZE: a one month/ one delivery membership 
a three month/ three delivery membership 
a six month/ six delivery membership
a twelve month/ twelve delivery membership

Every box membership has the awesome bonus of free world wide shipping but depending on the level you choose you also receive added bonus gifts.

Silver recieves one free gift with their first delivery, gold with their first + last delivery and platinum recieves three bonuses with their first, sixth + ninth delivery.

Gold + Platinum memberships have payment options available. Two payments of $51 for gold (the first + third month) and three payments of $66 for platinum members (first, third + ninth month of membership)

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How can you have your very own LilliBean Jewelry Box Delivered to your door?

Click here to review the different memberships. Once you have chosen which jewelry box you would like delivered just click on the link which will take you to the paypal check out.

Your first jewelry box surprise will be posted with in two days of your payment clearing, after that I will be posting on the 5th of each month (if the 5th is a weekend or public holiday, I will be posting the next business day!)

Depending on where you are located in the world postal times will differ, but as a guide North America, Europe + the UK please allow two weeks for delivery, Australia 3-5 days depending on your location. Please give it an extra week on those delivery times before contacting me regarding a lost box.

Free shipping does not include extra cover or insurance.

Karmic Star jewelry

In the post you will recieve a beautifully packaged item from my jewelry collections. If you do not have pierced ears, please let me know in the check out notes, as I have a collection of clip on earrings I can substitute.

You will never receive the same piece of jewelry twice! Each piece will be unique.

At this stage my jewelry  IS NOT STIRLING SILVER OR PURE GOLD. Please keep this in mind if you are sensitive to such.

which one

Please note that the Jewelry Box is not an actual jewelry box – I would hate for you to be dissappointed if that is what you are expecting in the mail! LilliBean’s Jewelry Box is the name I chose for this group + it isn’t a physical jewerly box, but an item of jewerly to add to yours!

Because of hygiene safety, I cannot accept returns if you are unhappy with the months jewelry box. Perhaps you could gift it to a friend or relative?

Speaking of gifts if you wish to purchase membership as a gift you absolutely can. Please let me know in the check out notes who this item is for + any message you wish to add to the gift + I will hand write a gift tag + wrap their first gift.

If at anytime you wish to cancel or change your membership please email me directly. A small cancellation fee may be incured depending on your membership level.

This offer is not available to wholesalers, please contact me directly to discuss my wholesale rates.

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Anything else? Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any other questions you may have!

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p.s. Jewelry or Jewellery?? Pot-ato or Pot-ah-to? So I have chosen to use a non-australian spelling of the word. Why? Blame it on my learning difficulty or the thousands of mills and boons, sweet valleys or babysitters club books I read as a teen but I have always spelt it jewelry! Please know I appreciate every time y’all email me to let me know if I have made a spelling error (I really do!), but I thought I would let you know this one was a conscious choice 😉