☆ Twenty Fifteen is the year of GROWTH

grow [grəʊ/] verb

(of a living thing) undergo natural development by
 increasing in size and changing physically
come into existence and develop.
Sometimes finding a word that will guide me during the year is a difficult + arduous task.
So why do I choose a word of the year when it can be so difficult? What’s the point in having a word for the year anyway?
I am not sure if you choose a word, (+ I would love to know your word + why you chose it), but my words alway help me focus on the bigger issues. It helps me focus on the overall feelings that I want to feel every day. Every minute.
It’s a word to encompass all my huge goals, my small weekly goals, my big picture goals. Goals like writing a new e-course, to planning significant time with each of my kids, or even to carve out an hour each week to indulge my romance novel addiction. (Ok, ok it’s probably more like two hours…)

And its a word that will help me when I am feeling lost, frustrated, alone or when the little bitch starts her insidious whispers.
One year my word was BRAVERYBravery in art + in opening my heart. Taking ownership of + being proactive about change. That year I opened up the LilliBean Designs shop + cemented friendships that I cannot live without.
Last year it was WORTHYFeeling more worthy, being worthy. (It was a deeply rooted word for me + you can read more here) Worthy change me massively – my sense of self, my relationships, my dreams and my directions.

Twenty Fifteen is the year of GROWTH.

Wild + abundant growth.
Family Growth: Now don’t get excited I am not talking about expanding our family again!! But growing together + having beautiful family moments together.
Biz Growth: continue building the LilliBean Designs brand, selling my paintings + products, attending more markets, meeting new + interesting people.

Spiritual Growth: Allowing my soul to grow in amazing ways, releasing old hurts + soothing my spirit. Relationship Growth: Having a few more date nights with Mac, having girls nights with my friends, having more spontaneous gatherings! Financial Growth: Taking risks, stop being scared risks.

I want this year to be wild + abundant with Growth.

I hadn’t planned on sharing all these with you all, but I guess it just feels right….

GROW acrylic mixed media.  journal page

Growth will be difficult, + freaking scary. It is easy for me to not change the way I do things. After all  I am fairly happy where I am. 

But I know that if I grow, if I tend to the seeds that I have sown so far, I could have bliss, every day beauty, wild adventures and connections that mean everything.


So I will keep Growth in my mind + my heart during the year. I will paint a painting to celebrate my word + I will scribble note to myself to remind myself to grow.
Do you have a word that you have connected too? A word that will guide you, inspire you, encourage you or push you? I would love to hear which word resonates with you and how you came to choose it.

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